Reviews about Donostia-San Sebastián Greeters

“Excellent introduction to this lovely town. We had the pleasure of a personal tour of the old town of Donostia. ….. also better known as San Sebastian. Our guide, Jose Manuel , met us in front of the tourist office and off we went on a great rample through the narrow streets and alleyways of thus delightful town. After visiting the various historical places we were then taken for a hike up the nearby hill which afforded us a great view of the harbour , the two beaches and the pretty island in the middle of the bay.
We ended up at lunch in a real old authentic restaurant in the Old City where Jose Manuel showed us…on his ipad… plenty of other great ideas for tours and excursions.
A great introduction to this delightful town.” Visit day: 2016/05/17

I am SO GRATEFUL to out wonderful host/greeter Jorge (and Antxon whom I met a year ago). Please be a visitor and not a lister – i.e.. echoing off boxes of what to see and eat.
This is a wonderful and rich culture, friendly with a great sense of humor. This organization pairs you with the right greeter so that you have the best way to meander the town while indulging your interests, get to know a real life Basque, how your greeter grew up, what they care about and secrets of this overly touristed town.
You fill in a request on the San Sebastian greeter’s website citing your dates of arrival, availability; and your interests.
My last trip 18months ago with wonderful Antxon involved a lot of pintxos and txakoli; this trip, Jorge gave my husband and I quick glimpses of two member’s only Gastronomic Societies. The second of which was the uber-exclusive head office of all the societies – Gastronomizko Euskal at the top of a hill in Parte Vieja, with stunning carved effigies of women on the roof’s crossbeams (check out photos). Jorge gave us cool info on the city as well as origins of Basque language, the current economy and a quickie walk through Parte Vieja and 3-bar pintxo tour – all in 2.5 hours which we’d asked for.
But PLEASE donate fairly to San Seb Greeters online, again on the website, as it does amazing work. The greeters themselves are volunteers, so it’s fair to take them for drinks and pay for their meal though they never ask for anything.” Visit day: 30/6/2016


A free “welcoming service” to live and experience the Basque Country through the eyes of a local Greeter.

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