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Visitors from the Philippines

Our Greeters Carmen and Yolanda showed Donostia to these nice ladies from the Philippines. They took this photograph in the “door of mercy” of the Buen Pastor Cathedral.

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Visitors from England

Our Greeter Maite spent this morning and afternoon with visitors from Brighton (England): Hamish, Kety and Jamie, a lovely family.   They were very interested in the city, Basque culture and places to visit in the next days. The four

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Visitors from California

Our greeter Maite was yesterday with Rubi and his partner from San Clemente, USA. They were really a very friendly and nice couple and were very interested in Basque culture and the way of life in Donostia-San Sebastian.  They walked

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Visita desde Argentina

Martín y Rosa, procedentes de Buenos Aires, visitaron la zona romántica de Donostia, el Boulevard y algo de la Parte Vieja en compañía de nuestro greeter Antxon. Era la primera vez que venían a Euskadi. La ciudad les encantó por

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Visitors from London

Our Greeter Maite met  Jill and her four friends. They were very kind and were very interested in the city and the explanations the greeter gave them.   As they visited in the morning some places of the city, they began the walk

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