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Visitors from the UK

Hena and Shailendra have come to Donosti for the first time. They are keen on cuisine, but the very local one, so they asked to go to very unknown places. With our Greeter Izaskun, specialized in local culture and gastronomy,

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Visitors from USA

Scott and Leslie Reid from Shoreline (Seattle, Washington) visited us on July 12. The weather forecast was bad, but them and our greeter Bere ended up enjoying a very sunny afternoon. He told them an anecdote about a Bruce Springsteen visit

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Visita desde México

¡¡Qué pasó Güey ¡¡ Así es como recibimos a nuestra Deya (porque ya es nuestra) para hacer una visita por la city. Vino hace dos meses a Gipuzkoa desde México por amor, se casó, y es feliz como una codorniz. Como

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Visitors from New Zealand

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