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Last weekend was full of events in our city: the final of “Bandera de la Concha” regatta, “Gaztelu Eguna” (Castle Day) and the International Greeter Day.

Alison, from Vancouver (Canada), visited San Sebastian those special days and met our greeter Eva in a stormy Saturday. Despite the weather they had a walk along Gros and the Old Town, watched the brave rowers training in a rough sea and share a coffee with a group of greeters.

All together they witnessed the commemoration of 8th September 1813, when the French army signed the capitulation to the Anglo-Portuguese army and at the same time San Sebastian citizens decided to rebuild the city destroyed by the fire on 31st of August.

Thanks Alison for visiting us, and be welcome whenever you come back!


A free “welcoming service” to live and experience the Basque Country through the eyes of a local Greeter.

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