Travellers from England

Our greeter Esther met Lindsey and her husband David at the lobby of Astoria 7 Hotel. First of all, they went  walking to the Buen Pastor cathedral to have a look at the shopping pedestrian area of San Sebastian. They arrived at the Town Hall, enjoyed the view of La Concha Bay, went to the harbour and started to walk around the Old Town. From the “Mayor” street they got into the Constitución Square and walked in August 31st, they had a look into one of the oldest gastronomy societies, talked about the local festivity of August 31st which reminds us the blitz of Napoleon trops, had a quick view of the remains of the old wall inside La Bretxa Market and went  to Tabakalera. They came back to Gros neighbourhood to drink a glass of wine and enjoyed talking about food, politics, culture, dance…


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