Travellers from USA

Sophia and Benjamin, a lovely couple from New York, came recently to visit the city.  He is a greeter from the Big Apple Greeters from New York City and they talked with our greeter Maite about their experiences with visitors, etc.

Sophia and Benjamin came by car from Barcelona. They visited the Romantic Area and Tabakalera, the International Culture Centre. Then they walked by the Mandasko Dukea walk and went to the Gros neighbourhood.
They loved it because they saw Zurriola beach, a Fresh Food Market, the Catholic church Saint Ignatius, parks and streets with names of famous composer and people who helped generously to buil Gros.
They finished the walk with an speciality from here: they had a “pintxo” and a drink.

A free “welcoming service” to live and experience the Basque Country through the eyes of a local Greeter.

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