Walk and talk with greeters from Hamburg

This time we had a nice visit from Hamburg,  Greeters Heidrun and Martin, a lovely couple that was very interested in Basque culture and local life. Our greeter Maite walked with them along the city, and our greeter Leire came with them for a while to welcome them and the four of them talked about euskera (Basque language) and Basque culture.

Our visitors are travelling for a long time and go soon to France.

After enjoying a welcome and nice talk in Plaza Gipuzkoa, the three of them walked towards the Old Town while talking about society in general, art and arquitecture. They visited  the Old Town and afterwards went to Gros neighbourhood.
They also talked  about Greeters in Hamburg, their experience, their big Greeters community (the biggest one in Germany).
It has been very pleasant to meet them.
Probably one day we will go to visit Hamburg Greeters…..

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