Traveller from USA

Ari Rokni, investor/owner at Smyth and The Loyalist, 1 Michelin Star restaurant in Chicago, visited Donostia and chose Greeters to get a local point of view about cuisine in town. With our Greeter Izaskun, they enjoyed the new concept and excellent pintxos at “A fuego negro”, the place where all the new cuisine lovers go for the best new recipies in town. After that, Ari and Izaskun visited other traditional bars and talked about local products and traditional recipies and pintxos.

We hope you had a good time, Ari, and enjoyed one of the most innovative bars in town “A fuego negro”.


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Travellers from Israel

Steve and Miriam, a lovely couple in their first visit to Donostia, enjoyed a nice walk in the city with our greeter Leire. They started in Tabakalera, saw the views and visited the Ubik creation library. They were amazed by the resources the library offers (wide and light-filed spaces, free reservation of working spaces and ladtops, the experimental cinema viewing room, cameras, publishing corner, etc.). It is a library in which you can create content and both the content and the material resources are directed to this end.

Then they walked along the Urumea river until the glamorous Maria Cristina Hotel, where they took some pictures, went on walking in the New Promenade, saw the harbour and they finished in the Old Town, tasting delicious pintxos and talking about everything and anything. They even learnt some Basque words such as “eskerrik asko” and “agur”.

Toda! Eskerrik asko Steve and Miriam for visiting us, and be welcome whenever you come back!

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Travellers from United Kingdom

Our greeter Esther met Bernard and his lovely parents outside McDonalds! Unfortunately, they didn’t have much time to explore San Sebastian so they did a walking pintxo tour as they really wanted to experience the culinary delights of the city. They went into the Bretxa and they tasted the market delights in the form of pintxo and txakoli. They then went to the Old Town and visited a church and San Telmo. A few more pintxo stops before she left them enjoying La Viña cheesecake!

20170922_greeter Esther australiarra

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Visita desde Madrid

Aprovechando que el Urumea desemboca en San Sebastián, perdón el Festival de Cine quería decir, nos visitaron desde Madrid Cortes e Inma, estas dos chicas viajeras y cinéfilas, ya sabían cómo era una visita con greeters, pero la de Donosti con Javier, les encantó. Disfrutaron del glamour de Donostia y del ambiente festivalero; ellas se han organizado muy bien para ver las películas que les interesaban.


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Traveller from India

Lalitha, a young lady from Chennai (India) visited our city with our greeter Bere. They had a lovely time walking around Donosti. Thank you very much, Lalitha!


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Travellers from Australia

Our Australian friends, Judy and David braved the rain and wind to take a walk through Donostia with our greeter Esther. They walked along the Urumea river from Gros to Tabakalera, where we all almost took off from the terrace Mary Poppins style! They then walked to the Cathedral in Centro and then to the Plaza de Gipuzkoa where they checked out the meteorological pergola. They then walked past the Cathedral in the Old Town, onto San Telmo Museum and said their goodbye at La Bretxa.  It was a lovely few hours with very interesting and interested guests! 



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Traveller from Canada

Last weekend was full of events in our city: the final of “Bandera de la Concha” regatta, “Gaztelu Eguna” (Castle Day) and the International Greeter Day.

Alison, from Vancouver (Canada), visited San Sebastian those special days and met our greeter Eva in a stormy Saturday. Despite the weather they had a walk along Gros and the Old Town, watched the brave rowers training in a rough sea and share a coffee with a group of greeters.

All together they witnessed the commemoration of 8th September 1813, when the French army signed the capitulation to the Anglo-Portuguese army and at the same time San Sebastian citizens decided to rebuild the city destroyed by the fire on 31st of August.

Thanks Alison for visiting us, and be welcome whenever you come back!


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