Walk and talk in the iconic city

Our German visitors, Bettina and Ralf, enjoyed walking and getting to know the most iconic places of San Sebastian accompanied by our greeter Ana who told them anecdotes and historical curiosities of the city, to end up in the Old Town where they chatted while enjoying some “pintxos”.
We are sure that they will remember the stay in our sunny city!!
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Afternoon walk and talk with Australian travellers

At the end of May, John and Lorraine from the Magnetic Island in Australia spent some days in San Sebastian. They met our greeter Eva at 3pm and, as that is not a proper time for pintxos, they visited the Old Part and the port. They were interested in our culture and traditions and knew a lot about us. Our greeter was surprised that they had heard about the Olatu Talka festival, which was happening that weekend.

They also wanted to visit Getaria, a beautiful village not far from San Sebastian which was the birthplace Juan Sebastián Elcano, who completed the first circumnavigation of the Earth (1519-1522).

After having a drink and a quiet talk in the terrace above the Aquarium, they continued the walk to Gros and along the riverside. The visit finished at Tabakalera cultural centre, besides which some activities of the Olatu Talka were taking place.

Thanks John and Lorraine for visiting us!!!


As you can see in the pictures the weather was just great.2019-05-31_02

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Morning walk and talk with Australian travellers

Ramona and Tony walked along La Concha beach with our greeter Maite and later the three of them visited the Old Town, where they were invited to drink cider, in Gaztelubide gastronomic society, and sang some songs.

They also loved Maria Cristina hotel, Victoria Eugenia Theatre and the churches. Wonderful weather for a wonderful morning.

IMG-20190616-WA0002As you can see in the pictures the weather was just great.IMG-20190616-WA0001

Pictures taken on Kursaal bridge. Behind Kursaal building, home of the International Film festival (Zinemaldia).

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Travellers from USA

On May 28th we had a visit of three travellers from Chicago that came to Donostia for 4 days. One of them was a greeter in Chicago and told our greeter José Luis that many years ago she watched a movie which was filmed in Donostia and fell in love with our City.

On the other hand, they were very interested in the Way of Saint James  and asked how to go to Pasaia from Donostia and about many other promenades. They will probably go there in the next days.

About the visit in Donostia they went to the old town after a walk along Paseo Berria. They visited some shops, he showed them Gaztelubide gastronomic society and finally took two pintxos in two different bars.

The visit lasted almost three hours and it seems they quite enjoyed it.


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Visit from Scotland

This time we had visitors from Scotland:  Rory and his friends. For Rory, it was his second visit to Donostia/San Sebastian.
They visited the romantic area, the old town and afterwards they went to  Mount Urgull. They were very fit. Their interest was  Basque culture, gastronomy and nature.
Our greeter Maite was the person who showed them the city and she was very pleased with them.
Picture taken from Mount Urgull. Lovely views of La Concha Bay.
Behind them, the sculpture ‘Reconstrucción’ by Dora Salazar is a tribute to the civil population, represented by a woman who’s reconstructing the city one brick at a time after the Siege of San Sebastian in 1813.
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Traveller from USA

Our greeter Maite met Ben from Colorado, USA. It was his first time in the Basque Country. They had a nice walk with lovely weather and talked about music, dance, gastronomy and customs in the Basque Country. They wandered around the city and in between they talked about the main festivities and the history of Donostia. Ben loved pintxos, the beaches and Gibelurdin gastronomic society.


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Paseo de Jane en Amara Berri

Como todos los años, este primer fin de semana de mayo los greeters hemos vuelto a participar en el Paseo de Jane organizado por Impact Hub Donostia, con la colaboración de la asociación de vecinos de Amara Berri y la plataforma Gobernu Zibila Kultur Etxe. El año pasado tuvo lugar en Añorga, y en esta ocasión se realizó en el barrio donostiarra de Amara Berri. Como sabéis, el recorrido está inspirado en las ideas de la pensadora y urbanista Jane Jacobs: para que la ciudad sea para todos, todos debemos participar en la creación de la ciudad. Se trata de una actividad que se desarrolla en todo el mundo, y fue puesta en marcha en 2007 por los amigos de la urbanista. La iniciativa pretende reivindicar un urbanismo más humano y social, ya que el diseño de las ciudades debería estar basado en la experiencia de la vida cotidiana.




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