Visitors from London

Liz and Sandra came to San Sebastian to experience Semana Grande and see the fireworks. Both like walking. Our greeter Eva met them at Ondarreta Gardens and then they walked through the Romantic area to Garibai Street and tasted its icecreams (mmmh…). On the other side of the river Urumea our friends discovered the calm of Francia Promenade. The visit finished at Tabakalera, talking about fireworks, Lewes Guy Fakes Night and northern lights. Thanks Liz and Sandra! Hope you have enjoyed our feasts!


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Visitors from New York

Devon and Greg, a beautiful couple from New York, met our greeter Maite. They started the walk in Antiguo neighbourhood and just at that moment they had the opportunity to watch a Basque sport: pelota. There were some people playing Basque handball in the “frontón”  and our visitors loved it. It was a new experience for them.

It was a really sunny day and Devon took lots of photographs. After passing by the Miramar Palace, through The Concha Promenade they approached the Town Hall, the Boulevard and ended up crossing Zurriola bridge, having seen the Romantic area, the river,… Afterwards they walked along the New Promenade and saw all the attractions for this special holidays Big Week. They crossed the Harbour and visited Santa Maria church. Then they asked if they could have a look in a Gastronomic Society and one of its members kindly showed them the whole of it. Later, they visited Trinidad Square, San Vicente church, and they finished the walk in Constitution Square.

They said goodbye to Maite and they intend to come back soon…


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Visita desde Paris

De Paris ont a visité Martine et Marc. Un couple attachante, q´ ils portaient avec nous déjà deux semaines. Les cheveux sont tirés, pour ne pas faire la visite au début de ses vacances, car de cette manière avait mieux compris ce qu’ils ont vu et entendu dans la rue. La visite était un peu rapide, environ 3 heures et demi parce qu’il a plu beaucoup, beaucoup, beaucoup, même comme ça, ils étaient ravis.

Visita desde Paris

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Visitors from the UK

Hena and Shailendra have come to Donosti for the first time. They are keen on cuisine, but the very local one, so they asked to go to very unknown places. With our Greeter Izaskun, specialized in local culture and gastronomy, they have visited hidden bars and tried the regular recipies. In this experience,  they have discovered what the real Life is like in San Sebastian, enjoying also the pleasure of knowing little local businesses where you can go shopping during their holidays in the city. A great experience only possible with Greeters. Have fun, guys! And go back safe and sound! Thanks so much for visiting us!


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Visitors from USA

Scott and Leslie Reid from Shoreline (Seattle, Washington) visited us on July 12. The weather forecast was bad, but them and our greeter Bere ended up enjoying a very sunny afternoon. He told them an anecdote about a Bruce Springsteen visit to Donostia, and they laughed a lot!! Thank you, Scott and Leslie!!
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Visita desde México

¡¡Qué pasó Güey ¡¡

Así es como recibimos a nuestra Deya (porque ya es nuestra) para hacer una visita por la city. Vino hace dos meses a Gipuzkoa desde México por amor, se casó, y es feliz como una codorniz.
Como quiere saber de nosotros, y de nuestra ciudad, solicitó una visita general, para saber donde va a vivir los próximos años.
Donostia le encantó, y se instruyó bien, porque en breve vendrá su Ama, y ella quiere estar a la altura de las circunstancias.


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Visitors from New Zealand

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