Nouvelle visite

D’Angers (Val de Loire) Fabienne et Bertrand nous ont rendu visite le 4 de Septembre. Ils ne connaissaient pas la ville et ils étaient vraiment curieux de la connaître. Ils aiment beaucoup connaître les sites grâce aux Greeters. La visite a duré 4 heures et ils ont beaucoup demandé. Ils n’imaginaient pas le niveau d’autonomie que nous avons au Pays Basque, ils ont été surpris; Ils ont vraiment aimé Tabakalera et l’histoire de Donostia. Je pense qu’ils ont investi une autre journée pour aller à Chillida Leku, car Bertrand est très amateur de photographie. 

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New visitors

Emma, Bere and Melanie disguised as Bank robbers. Just kidding !! We three spent a very nice monday afternoon knowing Donosti, with a lot of anecdotes and jokes about traineras, Maria Cristina and Bette Davis!

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Nice walk and talk in Donostia

Our greeter Maite met a nice couple from Australia. Before visiting Donostia / San Sebastian they had travelled to Andalucia for a few days.
Liz and Tom were very interested in our culture (art, history, gastronomic societies) and they were very well informed about this area.
They had already visited the Old Town on their own, so this time they went through Cathedral side and Tabakalera, International centre of Culture.
They visited Gros neighbourhood as well, walked nearby Gros Zurriola beach, etc
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Funny afternoon

Tony and Jenny, very brave couple from Leicestershire! They went from Donosti to Pasaia crossing Ulia’s muddy paths!! And after that they get back to Donosti and visit the city with our greeter Bere, telling jokes about Maria Cristina hotel and its famous visitors. Rainy but funny afternoon!!


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Adiorik ez

Hoy es un día triste. Se nos ha ido Jose Luis, nuestro querido compañero de Donostia Greeters. Casualmente en una de las visitas técnicas que solemos realizar para seguir formándonos sobre nuestra comarca y sus puntos de interés. Desde Donostia Greeters queremos dar un fuerte abrazo a su familia.

Eskerrik asko, Jose Luis, eman diguzun guztiagatik. Besarkada bero bat familiarentzat Donostiako greeterron partez.



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Drumming in Donostia

Americans Robert and Carol on their travels enjoy places and local atmopheres and that’s what they did with our greeter Ana. Pleasantly surprised with the history of the #Tamborrada did not hesitate to take a funny photographic and sonorous memory, which both our greeter and them, always remembered.

We hope to see them again.


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Walk and talk with Canadian travellers

This time Anita and Chan, a lovely couple from Canada, visited Donostia/San Sebastian. They had also visited the North of Spain: Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria. Our greeter Maite showed them some of the most special places in the city. They visited the harbour, Paseo de los Curas (Priest’s Promenade), the Old Town, the city center and Tabakalera.

They were very interested in Basque Culture and Gastronomy.




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Visita desde París

Pues si, desde París ha venido Jordi a la ciudad con un motivo principal, ver algunas películas del Festival, pero ¡oh! sorpresa, casi todas las películas que él quería ver, el taquillaje estaba agotado. Pero, “a malas noticias, buena cara” por eso, ha decidido hacer una amplia visita con nosotros por la ciudad, esta que ya conocía, pero ahora ha sido diferente.

Jordi es greeter en París, y le gusta hablar castellano, por  eso la visita ha sido en dicho idioma.
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Great afternoon with Americans

For Americans Darren and Lisa our city was a great discovery by the hand of our greeter. The excellent weather accompanied them during the tour they made and in which they met Basque oringenes, culture, history and Historical events. The great afternoon ended with a tasting of pintxos in the old town.
Wonderful day!!
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Nice afternoon talk with American travelers

On their tour of Europe the Americans Alan and Terry visited San Sebastian where they enjoyed the afternoon with a talk in the company of our Greeter who introduced them to the Basque customs and culture, as well as curiosities of our city.

It was a pleasure!!


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