Travellers from Australia

Our visitors from Australia, Gina and Mark, had the opportunity to see first hand the
noisy feast of Tamborrada, with our greeter Ana who enjoyed the great day as much as they did.
Accompanied by the sound of drummers who marched through the streets, they toured the city visiting Tabakalera Center, the shopping area, the nice La Concha Bay and ended up in the Old Part where they tasted some traditional pintxos.
We are sure that the image of 5.000 children dressed for the occasion, parading through the city is not going to be easily forgotten!!
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Viajeros de San Francisco

El pasado martes recibimos la visita de una pareja de San Francisco. Vinieron a Donostia desde Bilbao. Les pareció interesante conocer ambas capitales. Hablaban castellano fluido y deseaban aprovechar la visita para practicarlo.
Comenzaron la visita, con nuestra Greeter Maite, por Tabakalera. Él, gran aficionado a la fotografía, disfrutó disparando su cámara.
Dieron un paseo por Donostia de tres horas largas. El Centro, la Parte Vieja, la área romántica, el Museo de San Telmo (los martes es gratuito) y Maite les sugirió lugares que considera imprescindible conocer para que los pudieran visitar el día siguiente.
Son grandes viajeros y están muy bien informados sobre la ciudad, el País Vasco y España a donde han viajado anteriormente.
Se despidieron diciendo que les gustaría  volver a Donostia y a Euskadi. !Os esperamos!
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Travellers from England

Our greeter Esther met Lindsey and her husband David at the lobby of Astoria 7 Hotel. First of all, they went  walking to the Buen Pastor cathedral to have a look at the shopping pedestrian area of San Sebastian. They arrived at the Town Hall, enjoyed the view of La Concha Bay, went to the harbour and started to walk around the Old Town. From the “Mayor” street they got into the Constitución Square and walked in August 31st, they had a look into one of the oldest gastronomy societies, talked about the local festivity of August 31st which reminds us the blitz of Napoleon trops, had a quick view of the remains of the old wall inside La Bretxa Market and went  to Tabakalera. They came back to Gros neighbourhood to drink a glass of wine and enjoyed talking about food, politics, culture, dance…


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Viajeros de Toulouse

Desde Toulouse nos ha visitado la familia Giménez, afortunadamente ha hecho buen tiempo, y el recorrido con nuestro greeter Javier ha sido muy agradable. Pasaron por el mercado, y descubrieron las Kokotxas, así que después de tres horas de visita, acudieron a comerlas. Jacqueline y Jean, terminaron felices, porque la tortilla de patatas del Juantxo les encantó.



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Travellers from USA

Yesterday our greeter Maite took a walk with Myra and Michael from USA. They were very interested in Basque food, “pintxos” and culture in general. They visited several lovely places in Donostia/San Sebastian. They loved the City and enjoyed “pintxos” bar and they were surprised about the good prices in the city.

Thanks Myra and Michael for visiting us, and be welcome whenever you come back!


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Traveller from USA

Ari Rokni, investor/owner at Smyth and The Loyalist, 1 Michelin Star restaurant in Chicago, visited Donostia and chose Greeters to get a local point of view about cuisine in town. With our Greeter Izaskun, they enjoyed the new concept and excellent pintxos at “A fuego negro”, the place where all the new cuisine lovers go for the best new recipies in town. After that, Ari and Izaskun visited other traditional bars and talked about local products and traditional recipies and pintxos.

We hope you had a good time, Ari, and enjoyed one of the most innovative bars in town “A fuego negro”.


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Travellers from Israel

Steve and Miriam, a lovely couple in their first visit to Donostia, enjoyed a nice walk in the city with our greeter Leire. They started in Tabakalera, saw the views and visited the Ubik creation library. They were amazed by the resources the library offers (wide and light-filed spaces, free reservation of working spaces and ladtops, the experimental cinema viewing room, cameras, publishing corner, etc.). It is a library in which you can create content and both the content and the material resources are directed to this end.

Then they walked along the Urumea river until the glamorous Maria Cristina Hotel, where they took some pictures, went on walking in the New Promenade, saw the harbour and they finished in the Old Town, tasting delicious pintxos and talking about everything and anything. They even learnt some Basque words such as “eskerrik asko” and “agur”.

Toda! Eskerrik asko Steve and Miriam for visiting us, and be welcome whenever you come back!

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