Voyageurs de France

De Nantes, nous avons été visités par Sébastien et Gilles.

Ils avaient auparavant visité Donostia et Gipuzkoa, pour cette raison, ils savaient déjà d’où ils venaient.

En passant, ils sont aussi des greeters à Toulouse.

La visite a duré peu de temps, car ils avaient d’autres “corvées”, ça oui, nous avons vu l’essentiel de Donostia

Ils ont mis beaucoup d’intérêt, dans les explications qu’ils ont reçues sur notre autonomie, sur les taxes convenues, les transferts effectués par l’Espagne à Euskadi, les qui sont en attente, etc. etc. Pour eux, qui résident dans un pays aussi centraliste, il leur est difficile de le comprendre.

Ils ont confirmé qu’en septembre ou en octobre ils reviendront plus détendus, car ils ont encore beaucoup à voir et à entendre.

Bonnes gens, oui monsieur!


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Travellers from USA

French style in Saint Sébastian Arquitecture – Sunny day and incredible Tour !

Young American family with three very good educated children from the Nappa area in San Francisco California met our greeter Luis.

They began with an excellent coffee at Los Italianos in Aldamar street, as he usually does in his everyday life too, probably the best coffee in the city.
To start with, they visited the Bretxa area, it is essential in all his tours ! Actuallly, we are what we eat, aren’t we?
Then they went to the Municipal Library and talked about the difference  between private and public services for citizens, in economic terms.
They devoted the main part of the tour to a long walk to the most influenced area of French arquitecture, and came back by the shadow and the sea brise of Paseo de Francia.
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Travellers from USA

A young American family visited San Sebastian with our greeter Luis on June 18th.
Unfortunately, it was raining cats and dogs !
The father Eric had visited San Sebastian 15 years ago.
As it was a rainy morning they decided to visit the Bretxa area.
They began with an excellent coffee at Los Italianos in Aldamar street, probably the best coffee in the city.
They were very interested in the local products and gastronomy so they visited slowly the market talking about what they were seeing.
They also talked about San Sebastian’s history; they took a picture of all of them near the ancient wall exposed in the market too !
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Traveller from Australia

On June 19th Larissa from Australia met our greeter Jose Luis.
First, they went to the Kontxa, after that to the harbour and then they walked along the New Promenade. The weather was quite good and they enjoyed themselves.
Later on, they visited both churches in the Old Town and the markets (meat, fish and vegetable) in a lot of detail.
Finally, they had 3 pintxos in 3 bars and at about 2 pm they said goodbye.
In the evening, she sent him an e-mail thanking for the day.



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June 18. Rosemary and her teacher friends taught a lot of phrasal verbs to our Greter Bere. Phrasal verbs sometimes bit dirty… But no worries, everything is allright, as Bob Marley´s song says!!


Rosemary said: Thanks for showing us around today.  We had a brilliant time and learned so much about this lovely area from you.  We hope you enjoyed your swim after you left us.

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Visitors from Australia

Cloudy and dark, but fantastic day the one our greeter Bere spent on June 15 with Anne and her “aussie” friends walking in Donosti. Some of them were musicians in their youth, so they remembered Australian bands such as the Bee Gees or AC/DC.  Great day that ended up in the Good Shepherd cathedral’s gatedoor.

Anne Stone

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Travellers from Australia

On June 13th we had a visit from Australia. The family consisted of parents, a son and his girlfriend. Really friendly people.

Our greeter Jose Luis picked them up at 11 am at their accommodation in Duque de Mandas street. First they went to Zurriola, visited the beach , the cubes of Moneo and walked along the promenade.

Next, they leaded to the Kontxa and the harbour. They continued to the New Promenade and came back to the Old Town. Jose Luis showed them Gaztelubide gastronomic society, took some photos, visited Basilica of Santa Maria, San Vicente church and they started “the txikiteo”.

It seemed they were really enjoying drinking and having some pintxos he recommended.

Before leaving he booked them a dinner  in a ciderhouse for the same day. They promised they would tell him about the experience… because it would be their first time in a ciderhouse.

IMG-20180614_Joseluisen bisita

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