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Visita desde Valladolid

Desde Valladolid, nos ha visitado Gloria, gran entusiasta de la historia así como de la arquitectura. Junto con nuestro greeter Javier, ha realizado una visita por la Donostia romántica, construyendo la ciudad desde 1865 hasta 1920. Aunque ella ya conocía la

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Zorionak eta Urte Berri On!!

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Donostiaren itsas historia

Atzo, azaroak 10, Zientzia Astearen baitan, Donostiako Untzi Museoak antolatutako bisita gidatuan parte hartu genuen greeter batzuok. Hiriaren itsas historia hizpide harturik, ibilaldi historiko oso interesgarria egin genuen Museo horretako teknikariaren eskutik. Donostian aintzinan egon zen Itsas Kontsulatuaren Dorretxetik (gaur

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Travellers from USA

For the Americans Kate and Mitch it was not the first visit to Donostia, but it was the first time they saw it through the eyes of a Greeter… and they loved the explanations and anecdotes that our Greeter Ana

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Travellers from Scotland

Jim and Kennagh, father and daughter, visited our city with our greeter Maite. They walked around the city centre, Gipuzkoa Square, Tabakalera, Igeldo Mountain and the Comb of the Wind. They were interested in culture in general and the Basque one

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Travelers from USA

Charlie and  Janice from New York, USA, enjoyed a visit around Donostia with our greeter Bere. Charlie is also a greeter in his city, and he said it was great to meet a fellow greeter. They talked about similarities between

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Travellers from Germany

Our greeter Bere showed Donosti to Hans and Karin, a couple from Dusseldorf and tireless travellers. They explained him their plans to go Santiago de Compostela and keep by bike until Oporto. They have a blog where they talk about

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