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Travellers from Scotland

Jim and Kennagh, father and daughter, visited our city with our greeter Maite. They walked around the city centre, Gipuzkoa Square, Tabakalera, Igeldo Mountain and the Comb of the Wind. They were interested in culture in general and the Basque one

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Travellers from the USA

Fred and Barbara from California spent a very nice day with our greeter Jose Luis. They met in the morning and went in their car to visit Mount Igeldo Amusement Park. They were very surprised by the bay’s spectacular views. After

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Travellers from Canada

Last 3th of May our greeter Maite had the opportunity to know two sisters from Toronto (Canada) named Sari and Joan. They are really nice women, good travelers and are on a trip around Europa and Oceania for one month.

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Visitor from Japan

Kentaro, the Japanese Greeter from Tokyo had a second greet with our local Greeter Pablo on Monday afternoon. They started their greet at 4pm and drove up to the Mount Igeldo Amusement Park which opened way back in 1912. They

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Las mejores vistas de Donostia con una Greeter

La isla de Santa Clara, las playas de Ondarreta y la Concha, la bahía, el monte Urgull,… Suelo llevar a los visitantes a disfrutar de estas vistas espléndidas. Reserva un(a) Greeter y conocerás Donostia de otra manera.

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