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Walk and talk with Canadian travellers

This time Anita and Chan, a lovely couple from Canada, visited Donostia/San Sebastian. They had also visited the North of Spain: Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria. Our greeter Maite showed them some of the most special places in the city. They visited the

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Walk and talk with greeters from Hamburg

This time we had a nice visit from Hamburg,  Greeters Heidrun and Martin, a lovely couple that was very interested in Basque culture and local life. Our greeter Maite walked with them along the city, and our greeter Leire came

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Visit from Scotland

This time we had visitors from Scotland:  Rory and his friends. For Rory, it was his second visit to Donostia/San Sebastian. They visited the romantic area, the old town and afterwards they went to  Mount Urgull. They were very fit.

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Paseo de Jane en Amara Berri

Como todos los años, este primer fin de semana de mayo los greeters hemos vuelto a participar en el Paseo de Jane organizado por Impact Hub Donostia, con la colaboración de la asociación de vecinos de Amara Berri y la

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Visita desde Valladolid

Desde Valladolid, nos ha visitado Gloria, gran entusiasta de la historia así como de la arquitectura. Junto con nuestro greeter Javier, ha realizado una visita por la Donostia romántica, construyendo la ciudad desde 1865 hasta 1920. Aunque ella ya conocía la

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Travellers from USA

Sophia and Benjamin, a lovely couple from New York, came recently to visit the city.  He is a greeter from the Big Apple Greeters from New York City and they talked with our greeter Maite about their experiences with visitors,

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Visitors from Holland

First visitors of 2017; Wouter, Liselot and beside them, Bere, our Greeter. The weather was horrible, but they could have a nice walk!

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