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Nouvelle visite

D’Angers (Val de Loire) Fabienne et Bertrand nous ont rendu visite le 4 de Septembre. Ils ne connaissaient pas la ville et ils étaient vraiment curieux de la connaître. Ils aiment beaucoup connaître les sites grâce aux Greeters. La visite

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Visitors from Australia

Cloudy and dark, but fantastic day the one our greeter Bere spent on June 15 with Anne and her “aussie” friends walking in Donosti. Some of them were musicians in their youth, so they remembered Australian bands such as the

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Travellers from Germany

Our greeter Bere showed Donosti to Hans and Karin, a couple from Dusseldorf and tireless travellers. They explained him their plans to go Santiago de Compostela and keep by bike until Oporto. They have a blog where they talk about

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Guided visit to the palace of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa

On May 21 we enjoyed a free guided tour to the palace of the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa. #OrainGipuzkoa #GFA #DFG #ProvincialGovernmentofGipuzkoa #Greeters #DonostiaGreeters #SanSebastiangreeters #Donostia #SanSebastián #Gipuzkoa #palace #GipuzkoaPlaza  

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