Afternoon walk and talk with Australian travellers

At the end of May, John and Lorraine from the Magnetic Island in Australia spent some days in San Sebastian. They met our greeter Eva at 3pm and, as that is not a proper time for pintxos, they visited the Old Part and the port. They were interested in our culture and traditions and knew a lot about us. Our greeter was surprised that they had heard about the Olatu Talka festival, which was happening that weekend.

They also wanted to visit Getaria, a beautiful village not far from San Sebastian which was the birthplace Juan Sebastián Elcano, who completed the first circumnavigation of the Earth (1519-1522).

After having a drink and a quiet talk in the terrace above the Aquarium, they continued the walk to Gros and along the riverside. The visit finished at Tabakalera cultural centre, besides which some activities of the Olatu Talka were taking place.

Thanks John and Lorraine for visiting us!!!


As you can see in the pictures the weather was just great.2019-05-31_02

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